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*DISCLOSURE* This is all my opinion and should not be construed as legal advice. This is meant to be informative, but please do your due diligence and if you need assistance, contact the appropriate professionals. 




Should you use a Realtor®?


Maybe… maybe not.


My short answer is Buyer SHOULD use an agent. Seller can more easily FSBO.


The seller holds all the cards and information. Also, a seller has purchased that home, so they are more familiar with the process.  There are some instances when it might be in your best interest to use an agent when selling and I list them here, seller – with agent.


A buyer on the other hand has much more to navigate. And though a first-time homebuyer will have more questions than seasoned buyers, for all buyers, it is a ‘buyer-beware’ world.  A buyer has to trust the seller is disclosing everything. A buyer must come up with cash and while trying to find a home, get the offer written, negotiate, have a home inspection, ensure repairs are completed up to standards, they also have to navigate the loan process, all while I’m guessing they are also working and have other life commitments.


It is easier for the buyer to have something fall between the cracks (contingency deadline etc) OR be bullied into agreeing to something less favorable by a seller or their agent when you are worn down and. all. you. want. is to juussst be in your new home!



Has the internet made buying and selling easier for consumers and agents? Why yes it has. That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to forego using an agent. There are many things that people can do on their own but choose to pay someone. Working out on your own vs personal trainer. Cleaning your home vs hiring a housekeeper. How about planning a wedding vs hiring a planner to help you navigate the process? Even taxes, most people are hesitant to do them, but honestly most online programs walk you through each step, but still, many people go to a tax center.   Last but not least, eating out….  We can all eat at home but every time I eat out, there is a line and a wait to have someone else prepare a meal for us. And don’t forget, if you choose a sit down place, you’re paying +/- 20% on top of the final bill to do so!!!!!  


So, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you want to.


Do some Realtors® try to make it sound WAY harder than it is… sure; but Realtors® do perform many tasks that can save a home buyer or seller time, energy, money … of course, this comes at a cost we call commissions.


You just have to decide if that cost is worth it OR do it yourself OR negotiate a price that does makes it worth it.


Here are some links that will tell you the steps I would take if I were to use a Realtor® and if I were to go it alone.


Buyer – no agent (offer process)

Buyer – with agent  (working on this page still...check back soon!)

Seller – no agent

Seller – with agent




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